Support the striking workers.


While shareholders at the world's largest fast food chain get massive returns, its workers are suffering low wages, insecure zero-hour contracts, and poor working conditions.

Last autumn McDonalds workers in the UK went on strike for this first time in history, gaining nationwide coverage.

Now workers are striking again, fighting for a £10 living wage, a choice of fixed hour contracts, the end of equal pay for young workers, and union recognition.

Working with the Bakers Union, they are organising to protest difficult and unfair working conditions.

Annalise Peters, a worker at McDonald’s in Cambridge said:

“When we went on strike last September it felt like a new workers’ movement was being borne. This international workers day we will send a message to McDonald’s, the world’s the world’s second largest employer, that the labour movement is back and ready for action. We won’t stop until McDonald’s respects our human rights to a living wage of £10 an hour and our right to a union."

Sign up here to stand alongside the striking workers, and join the movement campaigning for better treatment of McDonald’s workers.

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